Doutor Coffee Shop by Ichiro Nishiwaki Design Office, Tokyo – Japan

July 28th, 2014 by retail design blog

In Akasaka area, Tokyo, this DOUTOR COFFEE SHOP is located next to well known global hotel, ANA Inter Continental Hotel Tokyo. Owing to that specific location, a lot of foreign customers and business people visit the coffee shop everyday. As this is located just in front of the doorway to subway station, and there are many event facilities, the shop needs to stand out from distance.

The facade was all white and the large sign of “DOUTOR” came to the most conspicuous place regarding the stream of people around it. The gate for entrance, consisted of black, one of the CI color of Doutor Coffee shop, enhanced dignity and symbolism. Inside of the cafe, along with its high ceiling, the effect of light was one of the important factor for design. To make the most of its lighting effect, a part of wall was composed of tiles with irregular surface to reflect them. For the wood material, rosewood was chosen for the high grade image and comfortable atmosphere.

As the most unique point of this design was the giant green wall, which also attracts the drivers running the lord in front of the shop, especially at the night time. The pendant lights (LED) set on the top of road side counter identify the building as a cafe. To keep the smoking area comfortable, the wall surface was covered by material includes kieselguhr which clean air.
The new DOUTOR COFFEE SHOP was made to impress many visitors with its high class interior and style and differentiated it from other existing shops with reasonable cost balance.

Designed by Ichiro Nishiwaki Design Office

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