Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 Summer – Diadora

August 10th, 2014 by retail design blog

Diadora was born in Italy, in 1948. Its history makes it one of the most renowned names in the Sport world. Diadora has dressed some of the most iconic champions of all time, thus contributing to some of the most unique and admired styles, not only among sportsmen. This collection was born to celebrate uniqueness and authenticity when it comes to life and stile. It invites people to be themselves, and not just to homologate to predefined aesthetics. Being “street” suddenly means exactly that – seeing life as a journey, an adventure, a road.

Diadora’ soul is strongly anchored in the timeless values of sport, and yet it is launched towards the future, believing that style is just another extension of you, a way to communicate your very being to the world. Free to be yourself.

Photographer: Zsolt Istvan Posta
Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog

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