As Built Architecture Office & Coworking Space by AS BUILT ARQUITECTURA, Ferrol – Spain

February 3rd, 2015 by retail design blog

“THE ARCHITECT’S CABIN” – In this project we tried to build our “cabin” as a shelter capable of making us feel comfortable while we develop our work as architects. With this project, we tried to renovate a typical ground floor space in a building inside Ferrol’s 18th century’s historical center of.

A narrow and elongated plot (5×16 m.), with a few sunlight hours. In order to do so, we created an “upside down boat keel”; a long and white structure that works as a space where we can take cover and where our work takes place. We’ve designed this cabin so that our “keel” doesn’t reach all the way to the façade, creating a lobby that does the job of receiving our clients as well as a place to gaze and admire the cabin. It is here where a tree-shape sculpture created with white plastic cups welcomes us.

With this Tree, we want to make reference to man’s primary shelter against Nature, which as time passes it will turn into the cabin that we are trying to represent. The whole office (walls and ceiling) was painted dark grey in order to contrast with the stark whiteness of the floor and the lacquered MDF surfaces of the cabin. Thanks to indirect LED lighting, the initially dark space was transformed into a bright warm ambient that, consequently, cuts down on energetic use.

All the construction was made by dry joint, with a system similar to the American’s “balloon frame”, due to a framework of red pine wood (70×100 mm.) covered (and braced) with white lacquered MDF strips (19×150 mm.). Once you are outside the “shell” of the cabin, the rest-area provides a small kitchen and storage selves. Here the walls were coated with a warmer material, OSB panels (16 mm.), in contrast with the dark grey walls and ceiling. All the wiring is hidden behind the cabin.

Design: AS BUILT ARQUITECTURA / Moncho Rey & Pablo Rios
Photography: Moncho Rey

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