Heich Es Heich Store, Seoul – South Korea

April 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

Heich Es Heich is a young korean fashion label that’s going places. Founded only two years ago by Sang Hyuk Han, a designer who has honed his skills at a string of fashion brands both home and abroad, Heich Es Heich has taken the local fashion scene by storm with a mix of classic silhouettes and modern detailing. The brand has taken its operations to a new level by opening a combined store and showroom in Shinsa-Dong, an upscale area of Seoul known for its abundance of trendy boutiques and cafés. Situated in a spacious basement unit of a low-rise modern structure with an inconspicuous façade of limestone and red bricks, the Heich Es Heich store features an interior design that seamlessly matches the aesthetic of the clothing.

A bare ceiling with utility pipes, which obviously comes with the location, are paired with sophisticated moulded panels in a soft grey hue along one side of the retail space and a polished concrete floor. At the far end of the space the paneling conceal a small storage space. Furnishings are sparse and simple, consisting of moveable clothing racks in black and white, a design table and chairs, in addition to select props that not only add a homey vibe but also reveal hang’s keen interest in popular culture. The new Heich Es Heich store carries the brand’s full range of men’s and women’s collections.

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