Natural Resources Defense Council Offices by Studio Gang Architects, Chicago – Illinois

April 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

Studio Gang Architects have developed a new office space for the Natural Resources Defense Council in Chicago, Illinois.

In keeping with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s mission to be the “Earth’s Best Defense,” the design of its new Midwest Office in Chicago demonstrates the organization’s commitment to a cleaner, stronger environment. In addition to its LEED Platinum rating, the new NRDC office is the first project of its kind to meet the Living Building Challenge, a rigorous certification program that exceeds the environmental standards of the LEED system.

Pursuing these goals simultaneously presented numerous challenges such as incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials—of which not a single component could appear on the LBC’s “RED list” of forbidden substances. Felt-wrapped tectum panels and recycled glazing were incorporated into the new space, and pre-owned furniture elements were sourced and refurbished. Transformed into paneling, reclaimed wood trim moldings create a fluted surface that defines the space, and the design’s rope wall and columns provide a structure for climbing plants, filtering the air and providing natural beauty. As a result of the open plan, the entire office is flooded with natural daylight, providing a vibrant and engaging workspace that supports the important environmental advocacy that takes place within it.

Design: Studio Gang Architects

via Office Snapshots

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