Schwarzhogerzeil Store by Sylvester Koziolek, Berlin – Germany

June 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

The two Schwarzhogerzeil boutiques have rightfully ruled the retail landscape of Berlin’s Mitte district for a long, long time. Set up by Nicole Hogerzeil, a visionary retailer who first introduced a slew of brands to the city’s fashion-obsessed. Still on top of her game, she has taken the next big step by decamping a few blocks away and fuse her retail operations into a single store. At 150 sqm. [1,615 sq.ft.] the new Schwarzhogerzeil isn’t only bigger and better, but also signal’s an even more quality-driven trajectory, one that allows a better presentation of Hogerzeil’s favourite brands. Needless to say a fitting decor was required for this bold venture, and with happy memories of a previous collab, interior designer Sylvester Koziolek was once again enlisted to do the job.

Extrapolating the stylish settings of the previous shops, Koziolek designed all furnishings and light fixtures. Inspired by the quirky flair of leading french designers such as Jean Prouvé, Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, each piece has an elegant quality and statement value at the same time. The backdrop is subdued, but still with a subtle architectural flair to it, and save an expansive 14-meter long mural, it allows the exquisite furnishings to shine. The result is a sophisticated gallery-like space, where the women’s apparel pieces, shoes, accessories and fragrances are blended into the artful settings, and thus elevating the shopping experience from the ordinary. That can also be said of Schwarzhogerzeil’s current brand list, featuring a quirky mix of coveted brands such as Cédric Charlier, Common Projects, Dries van Noten, Maria Candida Gentile and Perret Schaad.

Design: Sylvester Koziolek
Photography: Ludger Paffrath

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