Gọng Vó Infinity Notebook Packaging by GongVo Creative

June 19th, 2015 by retail design blog

We created new packaging solutions, a new product, a new packaging design, ideas for content marketing and a concept built on traditional stuffs across the entire portfolio of products. The challenge was to strengthen the brand, to imbue meaning and personality over and above the motional attributes of the products, whilst establishing a new and clear message. Our key brief objective was to innovate our previous packaging design after 2 years of using, change customer’s think about brand message.

Packaging has to demonstrate traditional and premium value of the product. Dong Son drum, Dragon of Ly dynasty (1010), Lotus, Tet flower (Vietnam Lunar New year), Traditional details in life and cultural inspired us to create vivid images, closely related to the distinctive culture of Vietnam. Combination of graphics, shape of the package and printing solution (Kraft paper) creates the image of a traditional product. To highlight the richness of details we used two colors only: blue for details, and red for the logo area. A beautifully designed, refined and enriched by contemporary, traditional details.

Design: GongVo Creative / Associate Creative Director: Linh Tran / Art Director & Designer: Phuc Cao, Quynh Anh Phan / Production Manager: Tram Nguyen, Lien Nguyen

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