Coffeehouse by Mutant Arch.Media, Salzburg – Austria

August 4th, 2015 by retail design blog

Cozyness and Homing
 Designed in a relaxed casual atmosphere in the living room vintage design, be in the Coffee House Salzburg no frills, but at a high level best fresh roasted coffee beans completed a unique taste experience. The unusual design of the premises – characterized by warm earthy colors and tones a cool Texturmix original domestic oak, wallpaper and Brazilian cowhide underlines also targeted the environmental claims of a new cafe philosophy which deals with nature and sustainability. We exclusively use selected biological
Coffee blends from the best growing regions in the world.

Individualization as a megatrend
Like the coffee house culture is changing in its time, was designed by the operator group CVC and the creative powerhouse of Mutant Arch.Media an intuitive Sofa Surfer / space concept developed. The result is a combination of classic vintage, which makes color with a modern yet simple operation of the substrate. An impressive light design gives this case the Coffee House a unique style that makes a splash. The interior is inspired by the idea to use old things back and recycle at its finest at the earth’s resources to maintain. Old nostalgic “steamer trunk” be, new coffee tables, beautiful ironwork and old solid wood from the past to chairs, sideboards or dressers processed. Made of creativity and craftsmanship.

Accordingly and inspired by the trend-metropolis with the zeitgeist, a system was introduced which separates the guest on sales desk in Pay & Pickup. That
allowing for a more productive organization of orders and ensures high consistent quality.

“What hit was landed with the Coffee House, show the euphoric reactions of many guests” Especially those who have seen a lot, are impressed that Salzburg now has a coffee that would fit well in the large metropolises of the earth and the omnipresent typical Viennese coffee house defying style.

Design: Mutant Arch.Media
Photography: Richard Bernsteiner

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