meat IN bun // Get a friend Restaurant by Ackermann RKD & Lova Design, Munich – Germany

August 7th, 2015 by retail design blog

The „burger explosion“ has reached munich a long time ago: the difference is the lightness of the interior design – the selection of colors and materials form a unit.

The eye can relax and the (very tasty) Burger has his own stage.

The concept describes a very clear color world: Black contrasts with white and bright yellow as an accent color. There are no other colors.

The wooden perforated plate on the back wall of the room has been equipped with special LED lights. Even the light bulbs above the tables provide a welcome, subtle lighting. The atmosphere of the room, the quality of the homemade burgers and the colorful mix of interesting people combine to create an extraordinary meeting point in munich. Visit us and enjoy!

Design: Ackermann RKD / Julia Ackermann // Lova Design / Mery Reif
Photography: Andreas Koehler

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