Regalo Verita Bar & Restaurant by AREA CONNECTION, Osaka – Japan

September 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

“Regalo Verita” is located in 5th floor of Namba OCAT building in Osaka prefecture in Japan. The place was previously Japanese style spit fried foods restaurant and the project started with transforming Japanese taste to Italian one. How we can change an image of the place with a small budget? This is a continued challenge for all designers but this time is the hardest. We realized the renovation with a small budget by simplifying a space composition and restricting materials only to mortar, paint, and designed wallpapers. We adopted a monotone for the total space, an effective red color for walls and ceilings, and checked fabric for sofas. An artwork in the motif of sneaker with an Italian tricolored background gives an eye-catching effect and fits well in the simple space. Previous closed appearance is replaced by displays of wine bottles coming in and out of passerby’s vision as a design accent.

Desinger: AREA CONNECTION / Yuki Watanabe / Mariko Fujita
Photography: Nacasa & Partners / Daisuke Shima

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