Hanergy Clean Energy Exhibition Center by TRIAD, Beijing – China

October 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

On behalf of one of the world’s leading enterprises for the production of solar panels and regenerative energy, TRIAD Berlin and TRIAD China developed the overall concept for a unique showroom and exhibition sector, which addresses both the history and future of energy production.

The Clean Energy Exhibition Center extends over 2000 sqm, it is an unique showroom and exhibition experience. On a large 180°- cinema screen visitors can learn about the development and the successes of the Hanergy Group as well as about the future of sustainable energy production. For this purpose TRIAD Berlin produced, inter alia, a film of approximately 10 minutes running time. the film features spectacular images which combine cutting edge CGI technology and pictures shot by a drone, equipped with various special cameras.

Hanergy’s thin-film photovoltaic systems will become part of cutting-edge technology in the foreseeable future. The multinational company is pursuing its stated aim of making the world a better place by means of clean energy.

Design: TRIAD

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