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New York City’s multi-disciplinary studio SOFTlab has created an immersive installation to showcase the Winter 2015 collection — titled Star Walker — of shoe company Melissa. Located at their store in Manhattan, the structure acts as a kaleidoscopic lantern that creates an otherworldly atmosphere within the shop. The piece is tied to the crystal, which is highly refined yet primitive. They can be found anywhere, yet their ubiquitousness never constrains them to the ordinary.

Much like the asymmetrical orderedness of Melissa’s W2015 collection, SOFTlab’s work uses irregularity to its advantage. The structure is lightweight despite its high volume, and is composed of over 50 unique cells and 400+ sections of custom-cut aluminum. The design was created using principles of crystal — and soap bubble — growth, and appears to have seemingly grown from its exact in-store location.

Basic units of the installation were pre-assembled off site, then combined to form the final shape on location. Dichroic acrylic spans the surface in its entirety which causes interference in light depending on the angle of view. As shoppers’ viewing points change, so do the colors seen, effectively mimicking light passing through crystal. The sculptural piece is lit from within to cast colored light around the interior, solidifying it not only as a spectacular form, but a practical design element as well.

via designboom

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