LB6 Wine Bar & Grill by GLOBAL-DINING INC., Tokyo – Japan

November 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

“LB6” is a casual wine bar also serving grills, adopted Eastern, especially the west coast, advanced cuisine. The shop is located besides a main street of Roppongi, Tokyo and a trial innovative model of existing brand “Cafe La Bohéme”. It also has a function of a studio where you can put experimental ideas in practice, develop new recipes, and train staff.

We considered a whole shop as a big kitchen and placed a real kitchen function in the center. Our idea is to create bustle on every single seat by sprinkling several functional elements such as storage so that activities and operations are crossed in the space. The solid aluminum table in the center eliminates an obvious borderline between the dining hall and the open kitchen and connects them softly.

We also unified the eye level so that the whole space get integrated and created a vigorous atmosphere just like guests are in the kitchen. Our aim is to make a shop like a theater stage where hall and kitchen staffs’ actions are seen as performances. In order to realize it, we cut off decorations and obtained a simple structure.

On the ceiling, we placed several Edison lamp lightings and for the fitting copper and aluminum boards and then created the retro-future atmosphere. The contradicting warmness is expressed in the inorganic space. By making a big opening toward the street, the shop shows its interior and a huge screen framed with a steel sash stages a scene.

Photography: Nacasa & Partners

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