MYST gastronomy bar and restaurant by tidtangstudio, Chiangmai – Thailand

December 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

MYST, molecular gastronomy bar and restaurant, opens the second branch in Chiangmai. What comes into mind at first is not only to make the MYST be the most spectacle bar on Maya shopping mall’s rooftop, but also in Chiangmai city. As well-known Doi Suthep, landmark mountain of Chiangmai (Doi means mountain), is panorama from peak point of view on the rooftop, city context brings visual perception in design.

Since the view is natural visual, all design has to be followed. The design shows some lifted platforms which some provide comfortable laid-back seat and some show natural scenery fairly for all. The 1st floor area has indoor and outdoor space. The indoor space has its own pleasure from live band spreading relish around while delight drinks are being served. The outdoor space provides enjoyable atmosphere to be felt. The 2nd floor terrace contains personal relax corner for casual calm seating. These 3 optional space is awaiting customers to discover.

Nevertheless, the initial idea is to find the ultimate position of bar display. Located in the center of space as core of the MYST, the bar display neatly arrays spherical shelve into the sky. Retrieving from existing architecture form and developing into MYST’s icon, the counter display hides something beyond to be found while we enjoy bartenders’ performance skill of mixing splendid drinks. MYST posture emerges explicitly when the sunlight of the day merges with coming night light.

A combination of using material happens between new and Thai traditional materials. Moreover, adding on applied Thai pattern joins interesting decoration within surrounding. MYST’s color scheme is based on dark grey which enhances the color of brick and wood. Blending all materials with a mixture of LED lights that comes along night sky, mysterious MYST brings forth completely exquisite place.

Designed by tidtangstudio
Photography by Ketsiree Wongwan

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