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“Frank” is a bar covering an area of approx. 450m2 on the top floor of ATT 4 FUN. With balconies along the West side of the site it has clear views over Taipei 101 and on the roof above is a further 1800m2 of open air space that is used for parties and events.

The entrance hall is lined on one side with a double reflective glass ad acrylic wall lit with blue LED. This gives depth to the corridor but also partially screens the main bar area from the lobby. A corridor leads off to stairs that connect to the roof level.

The main bar in Frank runs the length of one side of the space and extends through the windows out onto the balcony. Above the bar is a bespoke acrylic chandelier illuminated with flickering candle-lights. Its conceived from the idea of a traditional light such as might be found in a club in London, but bought up to date.

Seating areas are arranged around this main space on various levels and there is a private party room with its own balcony opposite to the bar. Deer heads on the wall refer to hunting trophies often found in London pubs for instance and artwork throughout is focused on Frank – historical and creative people named Frank – Frank Sinatra, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frankenstein, etc. Frank stands at the entrance as the greeter and all the staff are named Frank.

The ceiling is mostly left exposed except for one area that locates the DJ table. This is hung with almost 200 loudspeaker cones. The cones have been painted gold and obviously refer to the DJ below. Rather than an isolated DJ station separate from the crowd the DJ in Frank works at a dining table where customers are encouraged to sit and take part in the entertainment.

All the furniture was designed for Frank and again, references traditional club furniture but updated using contemporary colours and materials.

Design: Mark Lintott Design
Photography: Dean Cheng

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