KU kappo Japanese Dining + Izakaya Restaurant by Betwin Space Design, Seoul – South Korea

January 19th, 2016 by retail design blog

KU kappo is a dining/izakaya space specialized to serve dishes ‘kappo’. The concept of space is defined by the design language ‘entrance’(口). Visual forms of ‘口’ and its dictionary definition are used to create a spatial connection with communication. We tried to configure a spatial contrast such as openness & closeness, sharpness & softness, tension & relaxation. The project explores the perfect refined space having contrast and balance through lines, surfaces, and light. We intended that visitors may perceive the space with their emotion in a moment rather than their reason.

Design: Betwin Space Design / Design Director: Hwan-woo Oh / Jung-gon Kim / Design Team: Jae-yeol Lee / Jeong-ye Park / Min-woo Nam
Photography: Pyo-Joon Lee

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