Pharmacie Bilgraer by AMlab, Neuilly-sur-Seine – France

January 27th, 2016 by retail design blog

It’s positive and comforting to identify as the ethic and professional role, linked to the managing vision, can lead at a successful project, able to join two different and complementary worlds like medicine and paramedicine, like care and prevention, keeping at the same time only one soul, just one mission: create confidence with the customer by advice.

This was the goal to reach with the project of Pharmacy Bilgraer in Neuilly-sur-Seine: to communicate, trough the environment, health world focuses on advice and paramedicine world, focuses on commercial performance. To respect pharmacist needs it’s necessary a project highly customised, able to enhance the two worlds, without distort pharmacy soul, but finding original solutions in a space characteristed by moderate dimensions.

How characterise the pharmacy? How increase visibility and perception from outside? How create curiosity and seduce new customers?
Pharmacy Bilgraer project answers to these questions with a tailor made solution, able to translate pharmacist desires into reality, with an environment by a dilated perspective, where are reflected two universes made by products and services. On a side there is a white, lightly and medical wing, according to the pharmacist image and on the other side there is a suspended and contrasted exhibition, able to stand out the product and re-give the main character role.

The project complete itself with a room dedicated to the patient; at the same time this room is able to change itself in a consultation and company space or for treatment and measurement of little orthopedics’ products, according with customer’s needs. The pharmacist title holder decided, on project renewal’s field, to not evaluate decisive the price and discount logic, but to considerate, on the other side, essential the communication of the true pharmacy value: the advice.

This service philosophy and in respect of confidence, it’s the same that animate AMlab and that considers customers as a complex entity to satisfy in every need. We think that by their regular analysis and a careful listening, it could be possible understand their question moving up.

Photography by Daniele Molineris

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