NET armchair by Nardi

January 30th, 2016 by retail design blog

Much more than a mere chair, this item is style, it is a world, it is a brand new mood from Nardi. Delightful, enveloping, contemporary … the NET armchair sets a new lifestyle trend for outdoor environments, offering a sophisticated way to relax, a bien vivre that indeed becomes a genuine lifestyle. NET is fibre-glass resin monocoque painstakingly punched with a pattern of square and rounded slots, which are distributed evenly over the three-dimensional surface of the seat, thereby revolutionising the production and styling canons of Nardi so far. The perfect decorative mesh of the body appears matt, slightly rounded and extremely pleasant to touch, while its perimeter is bordered by a rectangular-section ribbon that encourages you to rest your arms on it, and proceeds seamlessly to mark out the chair legs.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and available in a coloured yarn that is produced in several hues which the transparencies owing to the slotted motif on the body renders unique and different each time depending on the light. The thousands of rounded slots in the mesh making up the seat and back of NET are the result of a complex 3D modelling effort along with milling to solve the complexities involved in the production of such detail in the mould, making for ultimate perfection down to the smallest detail. NET is completely Made in Italy, from concept design to the creation of moulds and end production. It is stackable and does not require any particular maintenance work and it is 100% recyclable.

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