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TANE presents its new flagship store in El Palacio de Hierro Polanco. The premises represent the largest and most innovative space occupied by the brand to date and showcase all the TANE collections and new product lines: silk and leather accessories, candles and lighting. CuldeSac™ was selected to bring this new stage in the history of TANE to life. The strategic and creative consultancy develops ideas and concepts that add value to a company and help to develop its business. Its clients include luxury brands such as the LVMH Group, Hermès, Chanel, Lladró, Bentley and Aston Martin; now TANE is being rejuvenated in an environment that will shine a spotlight on Mexican sophistication.

“Having researched and visited several architecture and interior design studios, we opted for CuldeSac™ because communication with their company was very smooth and they quickly understood the brand and nature of Mexican sophistication. Understanding the language of silver and respecting its lustre is not easy. However, working with CuldeSac™ was very straightforward; their reassurance created an environment in which our designs could flourish,” explained Nino Bauti, Creative Director at Tane. The 365m; space adapted by the CuldeSac™ creative team represents the tradition and future of the brand.

A temple for the worship of silver
In tribute to the history and know-how of TANE, rather than a conventional store, CuldeSac™ has created a pilgrimage site for the worship of silver. It represents an exercise in honest construction through the use of high quality materials and proportions that convey the modern side of the Mexican character. “Before we started to design the space, we steeped ourselves in the inspirations and icons of the brand. Everyone at the studio read the book on the history of Tane. We were also inspired by great Mexican architects that we much admire, such as Luís Barragán and Ricardo Legorreta, who are able to convey the most sophisticated Mexican values simply through their use of volume and proportion,” recounted Alberto Martínez, Creative Director at CuldeSac™.

The space is accessed through a patio that leads to Mexico and the TANE universe; a large red wall (the brand’s corporate colour) marks out the space and transmits a sense of conviction and great value. The store interior is comprised of a majestic central hall crowned by an enveloping wooden dome with a geometric design that alludes to the feathers of the iconic Tane cockerel. The product, silver and its reflections, is the focus point at all times. Nino Bauti commented, “CuldeSac™ has produced an elegant and simple interpretation of the Tane iconography: the colour red, the feathers… It has understood how to integrate numerous Mexican elements in a way that shows great respect for this country”.

The main hall is divided into two zones: an exhibition area for pieces of silverwork and objet d’art and, at the rear, a space dedicated to gold and the accessories line where the new textile and leather collections will make their début. The hall highlights the significance of artisan work, particularly engravers and their workshops. Tableware and other decorative works are displayed in the next room on a large central table set on a basalt stone mat; the objet d’art are exhibited on pedestals and the table is lit by a series of vertical hanging lamps. Throughout the store the conscientious lighting gives a sense of order and rhythm to each space, drawing attention to both the pieces on display and the store’s architectural nature, as seen in the large-scale dimensions, verticality and impression of a hanging dome.

CuldeSac™ selected high quality materials that convey sobriety, quality and luxury at the same time. Wood, metal and natural stone work in harmony with the occasional use of red on walls as a reminder of the brand’s logo. “When the client’s eyes shine with their passion for silver, you fall in love with the project. It was easy working with Tane, as a client they had clear ideas and were used to an open dialogue, which contributes a great deal,” stated Alberto. “We have both grown creatively by working on this project. There is mutual respect,” emphasised Nino. The new flagship store is a space where people feel part of the design and work harmoniously and responsively alongside it, successfully projecting the spirit of TANE. It aspires to be a place dedicated to the worship of art, tradition and legacy that is furthermore inspired by innovation, a place that reaches out to future generations and offers a pleasurable, unique shopping experience.

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