Walk! store by Mostaza Design, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain

March 5th, 2016 by retail design blog

Fund Grube (No. 1 chain of perfumery shops in the Canary Islands) decided to extend its line of business in 2013 with a chain of footwear shops scattered throughout the islands. The company relied again on the Mostaza Design company to create a global project. The challenge, designing a versatile brand that was easy to introduce and that, although different, was related with the Fund Grube brand.

The image had to transmit quality, comfort, proximity, innovation and trend, given that the brand will be a fashion reference in footwear and accessories. A casual and accessible space had to be achieved, very much geared towards a domestic and tourist audience that enjoys the product in the islands, and different from other similar existing chains.

From the outset, Mostaza Design designed Walk! with a very direct, expressive image and with fresh air. Since the “prototype” shop inaugurated in Lanzarote in December 2013, five new shops have already been open. One of them is Walk! El Mirador in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This premise has 175 m2 available.

The layout is designed to favor the cross-selling of products, with accessory zones and multi-product displays. A clear identification of brands is paramount. The definition of the distribution is performed first by gender and then by product range, thus getting a better flow and operation. The promotional or interest areas throughout the course are strategically studied.

The facade is designed to allow full visibility of the store that also invites one to enter. For the finishes, fresh and vivid colors are used, combined with ash wood to give warmth, which as a whole provide a changing and evocative environment. The design of the furniture and the signage of the brands are flexible and adaptable to the needs, since this is a multi-brand space. In order to create dynamism, format multiplicity and fragmentation are favored, and linearity is avoided. Each stand is developed taking into account the assessment of production costs, materials, etc., and the decision is taken jointly with the marketing department.

Collaborations: David de Ramón (Illustrator) y Letterbrand (graphic design).

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