Breuninger Customer Service by DIA – Dittel Architekten, Stuttgart – Germany

March 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

The new customer service of the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger in Stuttgart addresses all concerns of its customers in an area of over 300 square metres. The philosophy of the department store – exclusive service – is translated into a clear, functional design with quality materials and lovely details.

“Welcome to our Customer Service Centre” reads the hand-written sign on the entrance on the fourth floor. The milled logo pattern of the white frame and the size of the door, which leads directly to the Customer Service Centre, makes it stand out from the retail space.
It is not only the atmosphere created by the colour scheme, which is manifested in bright floors and white furniture with oak panelling, that is clear, but also the signage. To the left is the reception, while the visitor lounge to the right is separated by the change from hard to soft floor material in the open space. Rich CI orange in the wall design is balanced by the subtle shades of grey in the carpet. The lounge furniture leaves no doubt as to their purpose: to look at the magazines and use the integrated tablets in a relaxed atmosphere.

The seven-meter-long Click & Collect counter for products you ordered online is situated in a central position. This is where the established Click & Collect system is brilliantly consummated. The changing rooms in noble CI black with red curtains and leather benches resemble a suite. Their more than generous size offers enough space for trying on clothes in atmospheric lighting. At the same time the smartphone is being charged via a USB port, if necessary. In addition to personal advice on the spot, a so-called Social Mirror is also available. This flat-screen monitor allows all clients to create films and images which they can share directly in social networks or send out by e-mail.

Glazed offices and an open-plan structure characterize the spatially separated areas for personal customer counselling. Specially developed pieces of furniture with different working heights are sensibly ergonomic and functional. Here, too, loose rugs in gradient colours and with glossy threads create a customer-friendly atmosphere in the room.

Designed by DIA – Dittel Architekten
Photography by Philip Kottlorz, Kniff Projektagentur

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