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This year, Light + Building saw packed halls with more than 210,000 visitors from all over the world. The ERCO booth, designed around the “light digital” leitmotif, was devoted to LED technology and its applications in architectural lighting, directing focus onto the latest generation of ERCO lighting tools, such as the Quintessence system downlight and the Cantax recessed luminaire. Once more, ERCO demonstrated its immense and genuine passion for innovative technology, driven by extensive experience with perception-orientated lighting.

The ERCO booth at this year’s Light + Building centred around LED technology and its breakthrough in architectural lighting. Adopting a linear black and white aesthetic, the booth reflected the polarity between technology and design. A floor graphic of an LED PCB made up of binary code created a visual link between the sections, engaging the interest of a wide professional audience, including architects, lighting designers and engineers. The latest generation of ERCO lighting solutions was presented on display tables, whilst a replica mock-up room gave visitors the chance to see the persuasive brilliance, precision and efficiency of ERCO LED solutions for themselves. A communication forum offered seating, inviting callers to relax and enjoy a demonstration of ERCO specific lighting solutions as inspiration for their own projects and commissions. Outside the booth ERCO ran a tongue-in-cheek survey asking trade visitors about their personal project preferences. More than 35,000 people responded, voting for segments including Work, Culture, Shop and Community.

Flexible system solutions for indoor areas
Special interest at the display tables was shown in lighting tools for the indoor area. The Quintessence range, consisting of downlights, lens wallwashers and directional luminaires, meets superior standards of visual comfort and efficiency whilst delivering optimal light quality for a multitude of visual tasks. With an emission angle of 90° and a 40° cut-off, Quintessence downlights offer uniform and efficient ambient lighting with large luminaire spacing.
With the Cantax recessed luminaire, available as spotlight, floodlight and wallwasher, ERCO has added a new version to its track spotlights that sets itself apart as the ideal lighting tool for shops and museums. Brilliant light, flexible adjustment and a range of illuminance levels – combined with shallow recess depths and an understated style – enable versatile positioning of the spots in high and low ceilings.
With the Lucy task light, ERCO delivers professional LED lighting technology to any workplace, such as libraries, offices or the home. Its integral optical system is protected inside the luminaire, thereby guaranteeing glare-free light with high visual comfort. The minimised solution with a very stylish design ensures flexible deployment and intuitive operation.

Precise light distributions for outdoor areas
The same consistently positive response was given to ERCO innovations for the outdoor area. The Kona projector, floodlight and wallwasher offer high levels of luminous flux, making them great for the illumination of large buildings or objects. Their round tapered housing ensures maximum visual comfort with excellent glare control.
The Castor bollard luminaire lends itself to the illumination of horizontal surfaces. An innovative optical system with a ring-shaped lens spreads the light 180° onto pathway or, alternatively, a full 360° for open areas. The light source is discreetly hidden to ensure a good view for passers-by and drivers.
With a protection rating of IP65, Quintessence recessed luminaires now take the light quality of indoor concepts into outdoor areas with canopies and perform equally well in indoor applications that call for a high degree of protection against moisture and dust.

ERCO Managing Director Tim Henrik Maack expressed his complete satisfaction at the outcome of the Light + Building: “Light + Building offers the ideal platform to engage directly in a dialogue with technical and creative designers. It has confirmed our belief that LED lighting tools open up a myriad of options for creative lighting design in an architectural context and shows that ERCO takes a leading role in transforming this sector. Almost every conversation included a report of reference projects that stand out in terms of light quality, visual comfort or energy efficiency, and set new standards.”

Images @ ERCO GmbH, photo: Sebastian Mayer

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