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Orange is the new Green
Enovos is one of the leading energy suppliers in Luxembourg and is also well presented on the German, French and Belgian energy market. Its product range covers electricity, natural gas and full service regarding all energy issues.

In terms of renewable energies, Enovos is expanding its activities throughout the company. The company’s guiding principle ‚Energy for today. Responsibility for tomorrow.’ is the motto throughout the new store. Located at the shopping center La Belle in Luxembourg, this new store, with its approximately 80 sqm floor space, has created a customer center with great experiencing effect.

Discovering energy interactively
Enovos is starting an information campaign with 5 new theme cabinets. The store has a focus on products and services in all aspects of efficiency, eco mobility and smart applications.

To discover and understand these topics ppm designed multimedia theme cabinets through/ with combining graphics, product information and playful elements to awaken the costumers interest in exploring the different products. Each theme cabinet has been developed especially for the specific topic and is flexible on wheels hence can be used in variable surroundings.

Within the cabinet “eco mobility” customers can discover a real-time battery-loading experience of an electric car, at the cabinet “smart application” customers are able to adjust lights and heating in a housing model with the support of an ipad. Additionally to the requirements of designing a flexible and adaptable store concept, a presentation area for changing themes had to be integrated. Therefore two platforms in either concrete or rust-optic were placed at the center of the store.

Being with friends
Homing and authenticity are the framework of the concept idea. The lounge is designed in a mix of modern styles and 50s influences to give customers the opportunity to explore the theme worlds while having a cool drink. Meanwhile, mobile phones can be charged in one of the lockable mobile charging stations at ENOVOS for free.

White brickstone, hardwood floors and an industrial window in blackened steel are creating an authentic loft character. Copper and gold tones apply a certain warmth to the area. The black ceiling with its visible technical elements and black LED spots opens up the space and forms a nice contrast to the white suspended slats. The round counter is based on the Enovos logo and offers a short information exchange. For more detailed conversations there is a consultation area with a comfortable seating opportunity at the back of the store.

Having this interaction between customers and products and, additionally, integrating digital media, the loyalty of the consumer towards the brand will be intensified. Our job as store designers is to stage brand worlds in a way to achieve an overall wow-effect” says Frank Bittel, CEO of ppm.

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