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Located opposite the iconic Casa Batllo and the Barcelona Atmetller House, this boutique hotel literally opens its beautiful doors on to Paseo de Gracia. This is not a typical boutique hotel in that the owners want to provide ultimate service, along with the sensation of embarking on a secret escape. The standard boutique or trendy hotel is prone to giving off an impersonal vibe and mass service. But Margot House is a hotel that thrives on catering to a selected clientele, and there is no better proof of this, in that it is located on a main floor of building with no signage. Privacy of its guests come first, and discretion is always practiced by the staff. The hotel derives its name by the character that actress Gwyneth Paltrow played in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums. Her character, Margot, is a deep woman with a hidden side to her, giving off a glamourous and almost elusive feel.

Margot House was created to offer its guests privacy, comfort and exclusivity. A secret corner in the heart of Barcelona with an exquisite interior was the goal of one of its owners, Sandra Durany. A tireless traveler, Durany was inspired by a mix of accommodation from different corners of the globe in order to create a unique hotel with personality, free of any convention. This vibe can is present in every single detail as well as the layout of the hotel. The 9 guestrooms at Margot House are decorated with fine materials such as light wood, and cement micro lamps from award winning designers such as Miquel Milà and other Japanese designers. Thanks to the Durany design, VansKap Studio interiors and Ambit decoration, we have been able to achieve this spectacular result, the Margot House.

The relaxed atmosphere that surrounds the Margot House has been achieved thanks to the limited number of rooms. It has a maximum capacity of 18 guests, and with a combination of a neutral color décor and the guests can choose their own background music and utilize a common space kitchen, open 24 hours a day for guests. Egyptian cotton linens, cashmere blankets and 100% pure cotton towels from Hammam pools of Turkey are just a few of the fine details that this accommodation offers. Guest also have the ability to customize their experience, though choice of access keys to their room, the signage for their room (such as do not disturb one) and the choice of a local guide recommended by their hotel management. It’s clear to see this is outside the norm, and it absolutely distinguishes the Margot House from its competitors.

Also surprising are the number of other services offered by this hotel: free laundry service, coffees, teas and pastry service 24 hours a day, availability of a MAC in the common area, a selection of books and the best international journals in the library. Guests can also access a sought after collection of movies on DVD to enjoy in the rooms, all equipped with an with Bower Wilkins speakers.

The breakfast at Margot House is an appetizing start to the day: homemade cakes, fine pastries, fresh juices, different types of bread, scrambled eggs, or other proposed combinations prepared in the open kitchen on a daily basis. Other touches at breakfast include: fresh flowers, daily newspapers and a beautiful fig aroma that envelops the space, helping to maximize this great time of day.

The Honest Bar seeks to make their guests feel at home and offers a fine selection of wines and cocktails, which can be enjoyed any time of day. The ecofriendly philosophy at the Margot House is seen in every corner, from the packaging of water in homemade hotels, to the use of pure fabrics for bedding and bath. In the beautiful reception area, which also serves as a boutique, guests have access to purchase blankets, cushions, candles and keychains.

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