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With the onset of new season, Louis Philippe unveils its new collection through store window displays bringing colors of season inspired from its semi-formal SS16 Motor Sport collection. The collection is inspired from the world‘s oldest sports car race in endurance racing, held annually since 1923 near the town of Le Mans, France. The motive was to imprison the attention of consumers in the form of attractive window installation. Further to render a desired ambience, various elements like colors, graphics, car wireframe structure & fixtures were designed to build the concept in order to complement the collection.

Talking on the specifics of props, graphics, color & material palettes: The background is consciously kept simple & muted with grey as base & symbolic track lines in Navy, white & blue so that the adequate attention was brought to car installation, motor sport graphics & mannequin styling which in actual speak the theme. Adding to these, orange is used as an accent color in graphics, fixture & car tires. Keeping true to the concept the graphics were designed based on inspiration for collection, Le Mans France.

The composition of graphics in circles of different sizes add an interesting touch to the window. Circular stands were designed for easy execution of these circular graphics. And not to forget, the perspective tricolor track has added more depth to the windows. Speaking about the showstopper 3D Wire frame car structure:
The Car wire frame 3D design has been crucial to the concept as it becomes the focal point of the window with other elements being the backdrop. Speaking about Car structure…The process of designing the Car wire frame has taken 10 t0 12 days & then to develop a prototype it took 4 days.

The design is kept abstract & minimal with less details to match the concept requirement. Shristi creations had played an important role in understanding the design, constructing the structure in MS & customizing the clamps as per the window requirement. MS rods of different lighter gauge was selected to ensure that the structure is not too heavy to be fixed to window backdrops. This structure was planned only for key stores based on store location & window size. It added value to the original concept.

The concept is adapted to different stores based on the window requirements & is extended in-store to nesting table displays. Sidheesh Sidharthan, Head VM – Creative says “Window becomes the face of every store and the medium for expression between the brand and its customers. We have less than 2-3 seconds to capture the attention of any customer who walks by the window. Therefore it is always crucial for us to provide the right treatment to our windows. We focus on elements that can capture the attention of our customers to highlight the collection or to tell a story.”

Concept: Mamatha. T (Vm Creative- Louis Philippe) Car Concept: Sidheesh Sidharthan (Vm Creative Head – Louis Philippe)
Graphics : Mamatha & Sidheesh
Regional Teams : Anubhav Priyankar | Ankita Jain | Abhishek Kumar
Car 3d Structure – Vendor: Vincent Patrick – Shristi Creations

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