Military dining hall by ZAS Architects & Jean-Christian Koch Architecte, Ontario – Canada

May 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Serving as a kitchen and dining facility located in the Canadian military forces based in Canada, ZAS Architects and Jean-Christian Koch Architecte have explored the traditional perceptions of an army cafeteria. The vast hall can accommodate up to 1,500 military personnel per meal, 750 at a time in two sittings, and is based on an intuitive programmatic layout.

Designed to be a welcoming yet well thought-out space; the facility includes a dining hall, kitchen facilities and office areas, as well as washrooms and first aid facilities for the adjacent soccer pitches. ZAS approached the project focused on providing a pleasant and well-planned building that is illuminated with natural light.

Most distinctively about the fit-out is the tree-like columns made of glue-laminated timber to form the arches throughout the space. As well as the structural elements and views of the surroundings, the facility provides diners with a welcome respite from their grueling schedule.

The scheme’s layout, forms, colors and materials are all used effectively to convey an intuitive understanding of circulation and use – diners who have never entered the building are naturally brought through the facility in a loop, completing it with no cross-circulation. As a result, the Curtiss kitchen and dining facility reflects the shifting direction in canada’s military architecture.

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