Adaptable hanger system by Schemata Architects and Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio, Tokyo – Japan

September 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Schemata Architects has completed the first standalone store for Mint designs – a Japanese clothing brand recognized by their eclectic and bold prints – located in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Led by architect Jo Nagasaka, the retail space was conceived in collaboration with Keisuke Hatakenaka architectural design studio. The minimal space is characterized by the extra large windows punctuating the concrete façade, allowing people walking by to gaze in and see the selection of garments on display.

Taking advantage of this open-nature between the outside and inside, the designers constructed an adjustable hanger system installed with 3D printed joints that allow connections in four directions. This versatile system encourages the clothing / window display to be changed on a daily basis.

Photography: Kentaro Oshio

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