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The word, “URI” refers to God’s light in Greek. In ancient era, human being need to rely on natural sun lights for living. There was an evolution from fire building to invention of light bulb and lamps, showing the civilization of human being. Our design is inspired by the spectacular of space and the beauty of planets. URI led light bulbs bring the power of lighting source to a different level.

LED light bulb is not something old fashion. It can have a fashionable, glamorous outlook with its practical function, long life spanning and energy saving. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and won’t get too hot. The URI light bulb is in E27 screw base, a universal standard for worldwide usage. These are quality products that we are proud of and will stand the test of time, and best fit with your home, office, restaurants or any interior projects.

By using the laser cut technique, the led light bulb have a contemporary outlook, yet durable and energy saving. The design gives a touch of futuristic and best fit with any modern and cool looking interior.

URI led light bulb is made of acrylic sheets and led screw base. At this stage, we have finalized in 4 styles. Heavily influenced by hi-tech modern design, the light source is reflected from the bottom to the transparent acrylic materials and forming a remarkable lighting effect. We focused on simple, soft and minimalistic lines and that is the core of URI collection. We make good use of led technology, laser cut machining and traditional mortise and tenon skills to create our URI led bulb. The laser cut shapes the acrylic sheets into pieces and then we assembly pieces by pieces and with the led screw base.

Each bulb consists of 6 pieces of acrylic pieces and we have to assembly them all together. It is just like playing a 3D puzzle. At first, we have to do the math correctly, the size has to be accurate and make sure all the little pieces could fit with each other. We have tried several thickness of acrylic sheet. We found out the 5mm of acrylic board is too thick and 2 mm and 3mm are the suitable thickness to combine the pieces to be a bulb.

Every Production started from a series of hand-drawn sketches. After finish the maths part and done the drawing on Ai software, our Ai drawings are loaded into a laser cutting machine and the part is cut from the acrylic sheet. The edges of the piece are then grinded and smoothed by hand. Afterwards, we brings the acrylic pieces back to our office and assembled by hand with care. From start to finish, each light bulb receives the attention and love it deserves.

We have spent 8 months to study the shape and form of each light bulb style, testing materials, developing 3D models, and sourcing the led base and local laser cut workshops. After tesing 4 laser cut workshops, we chose the ones in San Po Kong, which has bigger machine with supply of acrylic sheet. It has long opening hours and is very suitable for us to make pass production. For LED screw base, we selected Hong Kong based company, which has factory in Shenzhen. It has rich experience on led screw base production with UL listed and CE safety certificate for worldwide. We have tested their led parts and the light distribution was effective with no heat. We are happy to work with local business for sustainable production and cooperate closely to produce introduce our great design and their service to backers worldwide.

Designed by NAP
For more information about the campaign visit the URI Led Light Bulb kickstarter page

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