The Barkbershop Pet Grooming Studio & Cafe by Evonil Architecture, Jakarta – Indonesia

September 17th, 2016 by retail design blog

Evonil Architecture has successfully create a a bright, fresh, and playful interior environment which was both pet and people friendly in a form of a café at 1st floor and a grooming studio at 2nd floor. The large suspended roof-like ceiling at the front entrance retail display space presented both a warm and welcoming ambience for the costumers and dogs to feel like home. The clients wanted an interactive space for both dogs and dog owners. Plenty of clear space was left for the pets to roam free, so display was attached to the walls and behind the bars.

Simple, colorful, clean, and wood shelves line surrounds all the interior walls. A full monotone gray color at the cafe flooring to keep the flooring looks clean. The bar desk area proudly displays several cute accessories while the menu on the back wall with the blackboard and a simple desk provides light and interest.

Photography by Bluprin

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One thought on “The Barkbershop Pet Grooming Studio & Cafe by Evonil Architecture, Jakarta – Indonesia

  1. This is perfect for dog owners and dog lovers. Beautiful concept and you can hangout with your dogs. Will definitely visit Barkbershop.

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