EATTITUDE by Espacio en Blanco, Barcelona – Spain

October 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

The interior design studio ESPACIO EN BLANCO manages to capture the essence of the new concept EATTITUDE. Born in Barcelona EATTITUDE, is an innovative space with the intention to change the widespread negative connotations attached to the idea of “diet”.

This new space aims to provide a differential value to the take-away food concept, offering a different option in the world of healthy and vegan food. A nutritional expert and a specialized health food chef are the architects of a balanced, energetic and above all tasty menus EATTITUDE proposes weekly.

The EATTITUDE menus are packed with cold pressed juices, flavour-filled breakfasts and yummy healthy lunches. Breakfasts feature rich smoothie bowls of fruit (papaya, banana with chocolate, mango and apricot or berries among others), and meals that vary every week, are tasty and innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Menu price is 10 € without smoothie bowl or 12 € with it included. In addition, EATTITUDE provides with the option, that for 55 €, you have whole week s worth of daily menus made with organic ingredients suppliers. Healthy feelings, rationality and the fresh attitude of this new concept of take-away food have also been reflected in EATTITUDE.

The interior designer Barbara Aurell has managed to combine the balance of a geometric structure of space, with the wholeness and color EATTITUDE products offer. All this makes the brand express its essence without many words.

Barbara Aurell has designed this space for visitors to experience new sensations EATTITUDE has to offer through different textures, materials, colors and the layout of the space itself. Ceramic materials in the kitchen areas and bar-counter and micro cement floor, make the purity and hygiene of the place very aparent.

Like mobile trays made of wooden slats that provide dynamism and versatility that the space requires at all times. All it wrapped in color without fanfare, as a representation of taste, personality and the EATTITUDE attitude.

As a study in constant evolution, Space in White has a team of professionals and innovative, dynamic partners with extensive experience in the sector. Barbara Aurell, the leader of Space in White, has a long career whose evolution has led to a different way of working with interior design. Attitude, exclusivity, soul and passion are lent to define spaces as unique as the people who live in them.

Multidisciplinary, restless and always in the know of the latest trends, Aurell also heads MOVEMENT IN WHITE, a laboratory of ideas and new trends that conducts samples of painting, photography, sculpture and literature, in order to bring together the experience of artists and designers on the current scene.

Design: Bárbara Aurell – Espacio en Blanco

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