Lunoo experience showroom, Oostrozebeke – Belgium

October 27th, 2016 by retail design blog

Lunoo is a lighting manufacturer located in Belgium, focused on the contract market. With our lighting solutions we are aiming at the best shopping experience, the cosiest restaurant, the perfect working atmosphere, …

Lunoo doesn’t only manufacture lighting fixtures but also provides lighting services. For every project we take the time to listen. Our lighting consultants take the individual wishes and needs into account. They analyse the surroundings and from this elaborate a custom lighting solution. They are making a complete lighting study and lighting plan for your project.

As all the lighting technology is changing very fast we wanted to show our clients all the possibilities in a realistic setting. Therefore we have created the experience showroom to see the light, feel the light and experience the light. The showroom has different real life settings: a fashion store, a bar, an office, a supermarket, a food store and an office. In each setting you can compare different light aspects f.ex. CRI, colour temperatures, mood, accent lighting vs global lighting, … In this way the client can choose the best lighting solution for his project.

If a client has a specific wish, f.ex. a beauty store wants to compare his products under different lighting sources, Lunoo can answer to this question. In the showroom has a separate space that can be adapted to the clients wishes. Next to the experience showroom, you can find the product showroom with the latest lighting fixtures.

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