Mama Shelter hotel by Jalil Amor, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

November 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

The contemporary, fun-infused hospitality format of Mama Shelter has proven to be a global hit as we’ve seen with the opening of an outpost in Los Angeles. And now, only one year on, the Paris-based hotel chain expands yet again with a new property in Rio de Janeiro. The company picked a location in Santa Teresa, a hilltop neighbourhood with a bohemian spirit and scenic winding streets.

Although not as downtrodden as Rio’s seaside neighbourhoods, its picture perfect allure pulls many tourists, but so far, contemporary lodgings weren’t available. Well, all that has changed. Designed by São Paulo-based French architect Jalil Amor, the hotel features 55 rooms spread across two buildings, and as it aims to host savvy travellers, these pads obviously come with all the comfort and amenities they’re used to, such as kingsize beds and WiFi access.

To emphasize Brazil’s vibrant local culture, and contrary to the previously opened properties where contemporary art prevails, Jalil has collaborated with local urban artists Zemog and Jambeiro, and even indigenous Huni Kuin indians from a remote region in the vast Amazon forest, to create artworks across the premises. Mama Shelter may not offer room service, but makes it up with welcoming public spaces that not only ooze fun and relaxation, but also instigate an easy breezy interaction with other globetrotters.

The restaurant, headed by chef Fausto Rangel, serves breakfast, lunch, and in the evening, a menu of contemporary Brazilian dishes. The interior is modern with whimsical twists, and for those who prefer al fresco dining, an outdoor patio is readily available. Similarly tempting to hang out at is the cozy bar. An ideal place where to wind down sipping a freshly made cocktail.

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