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Martini Light, one of the first companies in the world to research and develop applications for LED technology, was chosen by the Gilmar Group, leader in the production and distribution of clothing brands and owner of the historic Iceberg brand, to illuminate the latest GilmarBox. Located within the prestigious outlet The Style at Vicolungo, a meeting point between quality and style with over 150 famous brands, the store is laid out over a 150 m2 area: developed by Project Retail Francesco Carigi, the space is designed to highlight the creative color patterns, tailoring and pop spirit of the Iceberg collection, Siviglia and Paolo Pecora. The style of the store fully reflects the dynamism and innovation that for more than 40 years have accompanied the Gerani family Group and especially the Iceberg brand, which was designed to meet the changing tastes of a changing society and now ranks among the world’s leading brands, distinguished by a strong futuristic character.

In following this path of innovation, Martini Light was chosen from among several companies on the international scene. In addition, the Gilmar Group’s need to perfectly light the space, characterized by multiple shades and colors, has meant that the choice was made for a technology with a patent that’s exclusive to Martini: HD RETINA LED, the high-performance LED that lends itself to lighting situations where it’s necessary to balance different color temperatures; highlighting the garment and rendering a perfectly balanced color saturation. Thanks to the special HD Retina technology mounted on the Milo L spotlight, colors are perceived in an optimal way saturating both the warm tones and the cool ones, making them pleasing to the human eye while maintaining a high level of visual comfort. A technology capable of associating our memories with those familiar colors which we like and which invoke positive feelings.

The HD Retina LED uses the Memory Color Rendering Index (MCRI) as a scale for measuring the chromatic rendering, thus also inspired by the way the human eye perceives and reconstructs colors. “This technology is able to render colors in a way that is faithful to those that memory associates with familiar objects,” explains Engineer Angelo Iorio, Business Developer & Lighting Consultant for Martini Light, “with excellent color saturation, making it possible to obtain a result that has never yet been created with any artificial light source. HD Retina® is the first COB (chip on board) light source in the world that has been researched and patented by a lighting fixture manufacturer: Martini Light – patented by Giorgio Martini.”

Normally it’s said that sunlight offers the ideal level of visual comfort, but in reality that’s not true, because even bright sunlight tends to distort colors. So, the idea was first to define a natural light that could be considered ideal for the eye and then to build a light source that could replicate that light in an indoor environment. The research and experiments have shown that the light considered ideal for visual comfort and a faithful representation of colors corresponds to what our eye perceives “at dawn and at dusk”, when the source par excellence – the sun – illuminates them indirectly. Martini Light stands out for succeeding in conveying a subtle, ethereal material, which is light, as a true marketing tool.

In fact, light is increasingly put to good use capturing consumer’s interest and influencing buying patterns. And that is why, in the retail sector, the Italian lighting company highlights spaces, paying attention to the character of the brand and creating a well-researched setting in which the languages are multiple, but the goal is singular: colors that are always brilliant and perfectly balanced to achieve a high-quality chromatic rendition. Applying a technology is not enough, Martini Light’s mission is to create light, move towards new challenges, to bring out facets that are hidden, implicit, unexpected, the details and nuances of objects and environments.

Lighting: Martini Light

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