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It could be considered a brutalist project in the sense that we wanted to work with the material almost as it leaves the factory. But it could also be considered a minimalist project from the point of view that aims to solve the construction with the minimum elements. We do not really believe in “-isms” or labels; we believe in thinking, organizing and simplifying to solve ‘technical situations with aesthetic harmony’. The new facilities of this dental clinic were located in the low level from an existing building. The project consisted in the complete conditioning of the space and its facades to build three dental cabinets. The design responds to two essential questions: the relationship between the three cabinets and the preeminent location of the waiting room.

On the one hand, it was sought that the work spaces were closed to the outside, without any hollow in the facade, but as open as possible to the interior to capture the maximum amount of natural light possible. For this, the opening of hollows in front was maximized towards the main street and towards an inner plaza with the best views; where precisely the waiting room is located, the place where the customer really should feel at ease. Three islands make up the organization of space and each of them contains a cabinet. The central island configures the circulations and the waiting area, generating a perimeter circulation access − waiting − attention − exit.

The other two islands, due to their dis-placement, define the hall between cabinets and the access to private areas. Constructively it has been wanted to work with the raw material as much as possible. The face brick defines the perimeters of the islands, functioning as a backdrop to the openings on the facade and bringing warmth and character to the clinic. Amongst the gray brick walls, fronts are executed with a clear technical vocation: to improve the acoustics of the premises, with wooden grooved frieze strips – with factory color -, and guarantee the maximum amount of natural light without losing intimacy with slotted glass.

This set of vertical lines is continued on the floor, with a textile vinyl solution that reinforces the personal character of the clinic, and on the ceilings – corrugated sheet metal -, again to improve the acoustics of the premises and in turn integrating the luminaires in a natural way.There is a clear opposition between public spaces – friendly, warm and subtle – with service spaces – whites, innocuous and clean – to generate a different experience between waiting and service. Not without neglecting details in the white spaces as the colored joints and the different dispositions of the tiling.

Design: Silvosa París Arquitectura

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