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INTERCITYHOTEL was founded in 1987. The long-established German company is known for its good locations – primarily in Germany. Starting from 2017 the interior design is created in Italy by Matteo Thun and his Milanese team – with natural materials and soft colours. It generates lightness, generosity but yet privacy.

The location – IntercityHotel-What makes this well-known German brand so exceptional? Are best locations and price-performance the only core values of the company?

Normal – IntercityHotel stands for excellent service. The outstanding locations of the hotels permit to integrate additional functions that stay in the background. What does it mean „background“? It means that extra functions become a given, become normal – so NORMAL that they aren’t no longer normal. This originates both: the normal and the extraordinary, united in one.

WOW – “We do not need superficial, short-lived WOW-effects …” (J. Marusczyk – Managing Director IntercityHotel GmbH). No sentimental grid for an unagitated interior, no overstated gestures – but a close collaboration with the extraordinary know-how of a great team of hotel professionals in Frankfurt (Deutsche Hospitality Team). We call this ZERO Design.

Modernity – We are trying to understand our contemporary world: without fast-moving lifestyle or platitudes … without designs of superficial, pseudo-modern forms. Many hotels pursue a „design modernity“. For us, design is not just something visual, not just a matter of zeitgeist. We go for a different strategy: it is called simplicity. We are constantly looking for timeless design and we design things that people can understand intuitively. Our key features include sustainability and longevity. Our energy saving program intends not only to reduce current costs, but also to vitalize the energy of the guest (Food + Beverage menu).

Feel good – ZERO design-is it boring? Is it too generic? It is common sense; it is part of our subconscious perception of beauty and elegance. ZERO design follows the „hausverstand“. It is familiar and yet leads to a new experience. It reconfirms what we already know…

House / guest – Aesthetic and technical durability are the main characteristics of all IntercityHotels. It is the result of a long tradition of evolutionary advancement. It is about simplicity and clarity. It is more than just simple – it creates an emotional connection between host and guest. It is a visual balance; it spawns and deepens the relationship between man and brand. IntercityHotel stands for ‘value for money’ and turns against fast and short consumption.

Grazie – We, the investor as well as the Milanese and Frankfurt teams, believe in our mission of NORMALITY. We are grateful to be part of this wonderful collaboration.

Design: Matteo Thun + Partners

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