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Fashion brand Liedow has a close association in name to flower buds. As the label tries to reinvent itself to appeal to a younger audience, its mission is reflected in its name – flower buds are full of energy and vitality, representing a new beginning that also forms the concept behind the brand’s newest retail concept designed by Stefano Tordiglione Design. Energy emanates from the tightly layered rounded petals of a flower bud, inside which lie promises for the future.

As a result, curves dominate the store, from a curled feature wall behind the cashier’s desk, effectively lit from behind, to fitting rooms which are enveloped in the round by layered, curvy walls that reference the overlapping petals of a flower bud, again highlighted by slithers of light from beneath. The finish on the exterior of these walls is an elegant Venetian stucco. This special technique complementing the muted, neutral tones used throughout the boutique to reflect the harmony of nature.

Design is always a combination of art and practicality. While a project may be concept-led, the idea always has to be practical too. It’s a challenge that designers constantly face, but one that is handled expertly at Liedow. Take the example of the cream walls of the boutique. They are interspersed with intermittent panels of painted wooden slats of varying widths and sleek rose gold metal rods of different lengths.

These metal rods, reminiscent of bamboo, are practical, extending elsewhere into hangers for the clothes and elongated to reach the ceiling. They make a statement while also helping to make the space feel more light and airy. The wall panels extend into the flower bud-like fitting rooms, creating more hangers on which customers can place clothes and also forming a framework within which mirrors are placed. This practical side is always balanced with the overall design effect and concept of the space.

While strong use of colour is kept at a minimum, a red carpet highlights the waiting area that is also separated from the rest of the store by a stylish screen, curvy and organic in shape and reminiscent of the enveloping flower bud. Made from a loosely woven pattern achieved in rose gold mesh for a sophisticated and contemporary feel, the delicate design again adds to the fresh and airy feel of the store. Warm, harmonious and welcoming tones continue throughout the space.

Various pieces of furniture in neutral hues have been created by the designer, formed with smooth curves and rounded lines, many with feet or stands that feature a small section of clear plexiglass as a means to achieve the illusion that they are floating, again adding to the light and elegant feel within the store. Characterised by a light, flowing energy, and gentle nods to nature, Stefano Tordiglione’s sophisticated and elegant design helps to breathe new life into Liedow.

Design: Stefano Tordiglione Design

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