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Pbm has designed the new offices of digital banking firm KBTG, located in Pak Kret, Thailand. KASIKORN Business-Technology Group is undergoing a major transformation to support the arrival of the new “FinTech” digital banking era. With this industry-wide revolution, KASIKORN Business-Technology Group recognizes the urgency to change its way of working to suit the more modern and seamless culture that is native to its growing tech savvy community. The traditional big, bulky workstations were deemed inhibitive to communications and mobility across teams and disciplines.

The Kasikorn Innovation Campus on the 11th floor is the most dynamic space of the entire building. The additional 19 meters of height space allowed for more room to experiment different design ideas. The main theme was “industrial city” with interplay of day and night lighting which aimed to help the body adjust to 24 hour working environment. Moreover, K-Stadium is the landmark of KBTG building and its legacy. Among the thousands of projects that pass through K-Stadium, only the selected ones are chosen to be displayed on this dynamic stage.

The new workstation design for KBTG office however, aims to reduce boundaries and promote communal exchanges. The addition of creative boxes, recreational area, designated meeting rooms and meeting spaces around office columns combine to create a unique environment which encourages greater creativity and engagement. The construction was a feat itself. The building had limited height, measuring 3.00 meters from floor to slab, worse yet, 2.50 meters under the expansive row of beams.

The goal is to make the working area as spacious as possible, all the while flexible enough to anticipate future changes in workstations to accommodate team rotations and restructuring. To address this challenge, the “Flexible Tree” was introduced to eliminate the traditional raised floor. As part of the design, mechanical elements were used to create volume and enhance aesthetics.

Design: pbm
Photography: art4d magazine/Spaceshift Studio and W Workspace

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