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A name that takes inspiration from the ancient Chinese philosophy and presents the birth of two new products, exclusive news from the 2017 catalogue: Yin and Yang. The two indoor luminaires installable on walls that increase the Surface line by Buzzi & Buzzi, – a leading lighting company from Lombardy – were presented in the occasion of Euroluce 2017, besides being the protagonists of the setting at Cusani Palace, in the Brera Design District for the event “White in the City”. The name calls to mind concepts as dualism, opposition, complementarity, equilibrium and interdependence. All those concepts are shown in the unique characteristics of these new products with an exclusive and and refined design.

Yin and Yang are two bi-emission lamps with a multifaceted and extremely geometric form, where elegance and technique are blended to emphasize the light beam. The twine of inclined surfaces crossing each other directly refers to the Yin and Yang symbol, giving up the typical linear configuration. The unusual and singular form of the luminaires breaks the walls linearity, imposing its presence in a very original way. At the same time, the luminaires scatter into the environments a welcoming light which does not invade spaces, but embraces them; a light capable of interacting with the spaces the product is placed in and with the product itself. The emanated beam, in fact, generates a juxtaposition of light and shadow on the surface of the luminaire.

Both luminaires are made of AirCoral®, an eco-active, antipollution, antibacterial and photocatalytic material, able to improve the life quality of those who inhabit the environments in which it is installed. Besides preserving stable all of the aesthetic and resistance characteristics of the Coral®, AirCoral® has an antibacterial action against pathogens of potentially severe diseases and a reductive action of the polluting elements found in cities. This material purifies air, making cleaner, healthier and more hygienic the living spaces it is installed in by reducing the harmful effects of major pollutants and by exercising its action even when the light is off.

Design: Buzzi & Buzzi

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