ENT Paediatric Audiology Phoniatrics by SBP, Hamburg – Germany

August 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

For more than 70 years resident doctors from many different disciplines were accommodated in this stately old apartment in a prime location at Hamburg Klosterstern / Eppendorf. After nearly 30 years since its last renovation it was time for a gerneration change. The almost untouched building, apart from regular maintenance of paint, has never been structural changed so it was clear that a complete renovation was necessary to transfer the rooms into a structurally and technically modern condition.

The aim was to maintain many typical details such as stucco ceilings, coffered doors and the parquet floors while, at the same time, create a modern high-quality ambience that shows not only the new beginning in these traditional rooms but also point out a renewed long-term use. The central focal point of the practice is the entrance. To develop an inviting area, the quiet narrow hallway was connected to an anterior room. This made it possible to integrate a recessed reception area without interfering with the old existing structure. The reception counter grows out of a wall covering which extends from the hallway to the rear wall cabinet and draws the two areas together. The front part of the practice can be accesed directly from here while the courtyard side can be accesed via a connecting corridor.

In the rooms facing the street, the old building’s distinctive stucco ceilings and bay windows have been largely left intact. Along with the two bright treatment rooms, the waiting room, that is divided into an adults and children`s area, is located here. The other treatment rooms, the social area, the sterilization room and the special audiometric room are facing the green interior courtyard with its old trees.

The audiometric room is used for specific hearing technique measurements and to achieve good acoustics, has been separated from the other rooms. The design concept idea was, on one hand, the exposed position of the rental and the discerning expectations of the adult patients. On the other hand, because of the professional orientation of the practice, to pay attention to the high number of children with their special needs. Both are reflected in the separated waiting area as well as in the selection of materials and colors.

Photography: Karsten Knocke
Design by sbp / Seel Bobsin Partner

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  1. I would like to know how I an get the stencil or projection for the cochlea photo seen on the wall. it is awesome!!!!

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