Olo branding by Stepan Solodkov

May 29th, 2017 by retail design blog

Olo branding by Stepan Solodkov


Ajándék Terminal identity by Kiss Miklós
Ajándék Terminál exhibition, fair and auction was one of the Christmas event...
Aus Baus bus medaus Honey student project packaging by Gabija Platukyte
The main inspiration for this project was bee itself.
Lazur Sparkling Wine Branding & Packaging by Reynolds & Reyner
Lazur is the collection of sparkling wine with Italian charm.
Made for Life branding by Kingdom & Sparrow
These illustrations and colour palette were used as a bright, bold addition ...

One thought on “Olo branding by Stepan Solodkov

  1. Kimm L. says:

    I did not know it was ok to use an image/design of an actual establishment?
    The elegantly curved shelving, display art direction, seating… is of a real Cafe in Los Angeles called Dinosaur Coffee.
    The logo and packaging is fine.. but when you tie it to a specificl environment, you are letting someone else’s work (i.e. Architect, cafe owner) enhance your own product without giving them due credit.

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