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Syn-Lab is the café located in Rama 3 district, the owner is Synova who created their own food and beverage recipes. The designer team was interested in the various food recipes which are explored by our client company. We realized that the process of invention is full of trials and errors in practical. This leaded to the concept design that we called expect hard and explore harder. It is about keep doing research until getting the best result. In interior design aspect, we do have an opinion that the experiment of putting together new materials is worth trying.

Sometimes the conclusion is not the same as expectation. In addition, we also try to gather different elements from client laboratory. As a result, the designs is the combination of café and laboratory. Flasks are used as lamps in the front bar randomly to create lively atmosphere and draw customer’s attention. Due to the needs that we want to make the shop outstanding with its own key visual, we decide the bring the sense of New Yorker and their unique lifestyle in neatness but tactics.

Fonts and graphics are created by following the theme of interior design on menu boards and quotes on the wall. Moreover, at the back of the café is designed with glasshouse to make the space clearer and brighter than other parts. This part is a persuaded area, inviting people to come inside. Right behind this space, the door is concealed between windows, workshop room is installed. Inside the workshops, there is a graphic hand painting along the wall by Thai artist called Mamablues.

Dr. Syn and lady pastry, her assistant, are created to tell a story of Synova while developing new ingredients and recipes. For these reasons, Synlab becomes not only a café but also laboratory where telling stories behind the scene of Synova in every single meter completely and clearly. These are the charming character of space where inspired people who enjoy eating and go round. Don’t miss it, aim the point and mark on this location, Synlab.

Design: party space design
Photography: F Sections

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