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Defining space without walls and achieving transparency without glass, Lukstudio creates an interior concept for Longxiaobao inspired by noodles. The new restaurant in the Sun Moon Light Center reflects its other Shanghai location with an abstract interpretation of a noodle rack: a dynamic grid of steel bars that defines its ethereal presence. Reminiscent of a pixelated computer graphic, the grid superimposes a mathematical manner of interpreting orientation, enlarging the perceived volume of the room while serving practical functions. The white steel structure functions as partition, ceiling, seating, and shelving without obstructing views between the interior and exterior.

Blurring the distinction between furniture, building, and decorative fitting, Lukstudio optimizes functionality within a cohesive and minimal framework. Service areas are hidden within a wood-clad core, elegantly encasing the busy kitchen and providing a warm contrast to the metal. Its central position enables an open dining room to blend with the larger complex, establishing a strong connection between the restaurant and the building in which it is located.

Loose steel wires hang from the ceiling in reference to the cuisine on offer, maintaining a consistent material palette and adding fluid lines alongside the rigid lattice. In defining only the edges of the volume, the café feels almost imagined, its lines waiting to be filled in. One can perceive the distinction between exterior and interior but the acoustic and visual divide is non-existent. The inventive design capitalizes on the transparency of the volume to offer noodle-lovers a dynamic dining experience.

Design: Lukstudio
Photography: Dirk Weiblen

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