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The Space
China is a country with rapid economic development and a fast pace of life. The original intention of this restaurant design project is a hope that the combination of natural elements and natural scenery will cause people to slow their pace and shed their stress.

Bronze brushed stainless steel, raw iron plate, black iron, smoked oak, black travertine, wood rods, reinforced glass, granite, latex paint, and spray-painted chiseled cement blocks (charcoal).

The human emotions it evokes are rooted in memories and life. Reading Food begins from people’s earliest feelings and memories, and takes its inspiration from traditional Chinese cooking over a wood-fired stove.
The element of Charcoal
The designer has consequently used subtle and understated Eastern methods to incorporate traditional Chinese stove-cooking culture with this modern Western-style dining space.

The styling features an installation resembling embers made from round scrap mop handles, and a gray fire-resistant coating has been applied to the 45°hand-cut ends of the wood. This hanging wooden installation in the entrance area and bar, the black stone wall and charcoal drawings in open seating area, and the smoked oak floor of the kitchen subtly incorporate the cultural element of “charcoal” into the space. The solid oak floor was made from old wood salvaged from old homes. The wall consists of thick cement bricks that have been hand-stripped to make them resemble charcoal.

The abundant light pouring on the many green plants and the charcoal tones of the wood create an atmosphere that makes people naturally slow down, enjoy themselves, and savor their food in complete relaxation.

“A low-key design hidden away among the back streets of Taipei. Design plays a supporting role in spaces, and the people in them are the leading actors playing living roles.” XYI Design has a creative team consisting of individuals with a passion for life, and possesses extensive residential, commercial, office, and hotel design experience. Playing the role of spatial consultants, XYI Design helps customers lay out spaces that are closely tailored for the residents’ and users’ lifestyles.

In the case of residential spaces, we take human beings as the main subjects of home design. We try to strip away formal styling and excessive ornamentation, and seek to preserve warmth and humanity through low-key, minimalist design, in order to create ideal settings for life. In business spaces, we examine brand image strategies from the perspective of brand management, and try to eliminate exaggerated, complicated design elements.

We rely on consumer-oriented marketing considerations to ensure that business spaces are accurately positioned.We don’t obsessively target mainstream design styles, and maintain our low-key “hidden away among the back streets” character and pragmatic spirit. As far as we are concerned, design plays an understated supporting role in spaces, and the major roles in interpreting life are always played by the people living in those spaces.

Design: xyi-design

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