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Yakiniku Master is long lasting Japanese barbecue restaurant brands in Shanghai. It can be unique by the time the barbecue restaurants were flourishing; also, it can be prosperity by the time of gloomy. It is a great honor for our design team to witness its growth and development since it established.

10 years passing by, our design style changed a lot as time goes on. The first restaurant was at Shanghai 96 square which is poured our most emotion on. At that time, our design ideas were pure, so it is difficult for a young design team to highlight the specialty of Yakiniku. By revealing the difficulty of functions in the very beginning, we started to find out the materials to express the specialty of Yakiniku. After a long time demonstration, we decided to use charcoal to highlight the memorable features. Rest of the chains used this icon as following.

Even as chain restaurants, client asked as to do nonredundant design. Each restaurant should have their own design concept and innovation. We have tried different styles in the next few years like industrial bar, which introduced the open long table style for customers to enjoy their meal and receive very satisfied reflections.

Since the Yakiniku has made a great achievement, it is still chasing the higher goals. With the high development rate of restaurant industry, it is hard to making different. Even though, we move forward step by step. Suzhou becomes the first stop of developing. Suzhou is a special city which was flourishing since the old times. We rarely cared about influence of restaurant spacial design caused by different culture in old designs. As we all know that many things may come by something with luck, but not by searching for it, when Yakiniku encounters Suzhou, which means, this is not only the combination of fire and water, also the traditional cultures and the modern civilizations.

Suzhou is a small town, but it almost combines all of River South cultures in. Perhaps, different people has different expression of River South. In my deeply mind, Suzhou just like “Impression·Sunrise” by Monet. People are familiar with the unique viewing — River South misty rain, and the old town which is falling rhythm of the light rain with ancient city wall hidden in lets people forget where there are and what they were doing. Only, the delicate eaves combining with the gray wall are contained in the air. This is River South. This is Suzhou Yakiniku Master.

Design: Golucci Interior Architects
Director: LEE Hsuheng
Designer Team: LEE Hsuheng , ZHAO Shuang ,JI Wen ,CAO Chong
Photographer: Luluxi

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