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The new fish restaurant CATCH is located in the heart of Kiev – 12 Vladimirskaya st. The owners of the place, La Famiglia team, hosted together everything appreciated by true gourmets. Here you can find the most extensive selection of fish and seafood in the capital, 8 kinds of oysters, 150 kinds of champagne, and a large assortment of white wines – more than 200 kinds. Actually, the main seafood direction of the restaurant defined its name. YoDezeen Architectural Studio, the authors of the projects, was set an objective to create a high-class elegant and respectable restaurant. As a result, we have a quality modern European interior. The architects only needed four months to completely reconstruct the area of the new restaurant location.

“The first impression of the place was a bit shocking – a lot of unnecessary decor, multi-level platforms, dividing the space in height and other interior peculiarities,” tell the authors. To start with, the architects cleared the space as much as possible to flood the interior with light. light and air in. The old windows were replaced with a new thin profile façade, the inner balconies were completely removed and the ladder was relocated, thereby creating a vertical axis of space development. The restaurant is roughly divided into two parts with the main hall on the ground floor and the banquet hall on the first floor. It was decided to split the ground floor space into two zones – the bar with a communal table and the main dining room with the help of three-meter seafood showcase, wine racks, and refrigerators.

Thanks to a large number of pendant lamps, mirror and glossy surfaces the space of the main hall is filled with the tricks of light and reflections. In the daytime, CATCH is intended more for business meetings, as the atmosphere here is stylish, but at the same time cozy and not too formal. In the evening, because of different lighting options, the situation is changing and the restaurant turns into a very romantic place. The restaurant is filled with rough unprocessed surfaces – complex brickwork, metal parts, concrete columns. Since this is a purely fish restaurant, many decoration details directly refer to the topic. Allusions associated with marine themes appear in the large shelving with three-level aquariums, in the large bar open window where the fresh fish is cooked in front of the guests, and even in the glazed monochrome tile behind the bar, colored like seawater with algae.

CATCH is one of the few Kiev restaurants where you can have a rare pleasure to dine at one big table. A communal table is a fashionable trend in the gastronomic life of Europe and the pride of the place. The height of the table, made from solid oak, is slightly higher than usual, and above it, there is a real masterpiece – a large chandelier of 450 glass balls. The chamber banquet room of the restaurant is home-like cozy – a dark ceiling with molding, chandeliers, black and blue leather furniture, a graphite mirror and, finally, some paintings in metal frames. In short, the authors of the project managed to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere of delicate chic in this restaurant.

Architects: YoDezeen studio
Team: Artem Zverev, Arthur Sharf, Anna Tarabanova, Alexandra Popova, Kristina Galyuta, Denis Tereshyn
Photographs: Andrii Shurpenkov

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