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The Crabber located in the Moscow City Tower is the first in Arkady Novikov’s restaurant chain and the second crab project for the bureau ARCHPOINT that had designed the interiors in Wine&Crab. Since the project initially was designed as a part of the chain, the architects had the goal to create a well-thought emphasis in the interiors that would make the restaurant easily recognizable.

Sea and the ambience of seaport taverns where crab is not an exquisite but accessible food became the sources of inspiration. Marine theme is kept by two bright colours: red – the colour of crabs, and blue – the colour of the sea that is usually represented on the masts of fishing boats. At the entrance, an aquarium with live crabs welcomes the guests. This idea for the entrance has become uniting feature for all the restaurants in the chain. Above the aquarium, there is a chandelier with figures of seagulls reminding the motifs of old photos where the sailors are taking out the crabs from the depths, and the seagulls are soaring upon the water surface.

The main concept of the Crabber is the seafood for every day. The menu has many quick to make dishes: sandwiches and burgers, noodles with crab, crab-rolls. The food is made in the open kitchen. The kitchen countertop is on the same level with the tables so that visitors are able to observe the cooking process.

The restaurant itself is one hall space. The democratic approach to the organization of space is preserved by common dining table surrounded by vintage chairs of barbershops converted into bar stools. The rest of the furniture – tables and chairs – could be easily moved within the space. Furniture mostly made of wood and cognac leather was designed by architects and created in Russian workshops (in “Sverhnovaya” company and by furniture-maker Arthur Kurchkian). Leather chairs of recognizable shape were produced on the Dutch factory JESS. Seats are arranged facing the panoramic windows; there is a lot of natural light during the daytime. The accent lighting for each table creates a homelike atmosphere in the evenings. The concept for lighting was designed by ARCHPOINT and created with the use of Bomma lamps.

Initially, the layout of the restaurant was made of concrete. The concrete has been preserved in the interior; however, to make the space more attractive for the visitors the construction material has been reworked: the columns got the graphical printing illustrating how many crab species exist in the world, some places have the simulation of flowing down concrete. The cozy space has been created through the detailing: crabs embroidered with a red string on chain-wire, floor and furniture finished with Minecraft ceramic mosaic. This design approach helps to emotionally recreate the simple and hospitable environment of seaport tavern in Moscow business centre.

Designed by Valery Lizunov, Ekaterina Ageeva, Anastasia Babenko / Archpoint
Photography by Olga Melekestseva

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