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Design Brief:
M’OISHÎ is the leading Japanese ice-cream provider in the GCC, bringing you a fine taste of authentic luxury in a panoply of exciting flavors. The client wants the concept to be inspired by the Japanese Traditions and should reflect the variety of its products in the design – colorful, authentic, and playful.

Design Challenges:
Incorporating all the Japanese elements in a small space is essential. But the main challenge is how to integrate the Mochi ice cream itself and its flavors on our design in a unique way. So we thought of producing a bamboo led lighting feature with changing colors so it can create a visual excitement and public engagement. The different colors represent all the flavors of the Japanese ice cream and the rounded lights signify the shape of Mochi.

Design Results:
The result of combining all the Japanese elements was remarkable. We used terrazzo and took it to the next level by adding a circular pattern and different shades that resembles a Zen Garden of rock and sand. On the wall, we have a Japanese mural that’s inspired by the florals of Kimono for a tranquil ambiance. For a touch of nature, we added a Bonsai Tree for harmony and balance. To reflect the traditions of making a rice dough, we used a wooden barrel as tables with a real rice grains inside. And to complete the overall concept, the bamboo rods were used as a ceiling feature with dimming technology that changes the café mood every minute. It delivers an exceptional piece and creates an instagrammable moment.

Designed by 4SPACE
Photography by Anas Al Rifai

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