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Despite its perceptible convenience, instant noodles present a number of challenges and dangers for those among us who are either blind or visually impaired. To help them find their way around the instructions, braille is embossed on the exterior of the product’s package. The two storied bowl allows the hot water to trickle down into a lower layer after the noodles have been cooked.

This avoids the danger of spillages while eating, at the same time as preventing the noodles from being over cooked. The seasoning dissolves easily, and can be simply stirred into the noodles. Finally, two heat-insulating sheets are attached to the sides of the top bowl so it can be picked up without the risk of fingers getting burned. A graduation project by a team of design students in Taiwan, Dian Mian won the 2017 Design Mark at the Golden Pin Concept Design Award.

Instant noodles have been integrated into most Taiwanese people’s lives, but the potential danger of scolding prevents visually impaired people from enjoying the noodles. The design allows visually impaired people to enjoy the convenience and delightful taste of instant noodles just like any other Chinese-speaking person.

Designed by Liang Jin-Wei, Zhan Yu-Rou, Sung Hsiao-Chi, and Kao Yu-Wei
(Student Project)

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