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In Design Zbigniew Kostrzewa designed the headquarters for insurance company mBank, located in Łódź, Poland. The concept of new mBank headquarters in Łodź goes beyond just a functional space that reflects the needs of its workers. It is a project that embodies the words connection and openness.

Just the location near the major, newly renovated train station makes the Łódź and Warsaw headquarters conveniently connected. However, it is not just that remote offices collaborate in an easier manner – from now on, the workers distributed across Łódź share the same modern office and exchange ideas face to face. In addition to that, the project demonstrates the connection between the city’s past and the future as both the building and the interiors remain open to Łódź industrial heritage and set the tone for ever changing business landscape of today and tomorrow.

The irregular shape of the building that is dictated by the local environment rather than competing with it, gets involved in a dialogue with vintage and industrial architecture of the past. The size, frame and the character of different office zones are defined by construction’s shape as well. Although it was challenging, it pushed us to create untypical, radial communication routes that lead to open collaborative zones equipped with diverse settings for meetings.

The design gives a nod to the past and reflects the dynamic nature of the company with different materials, finishings and furniture. Bricks and wooden elements that lie at the core of Łódź DNA subtly intertwine with modern and vivid colours and playful furniture that relate to company’s brand and start-up atmosphere. The office is here for workers to easily express ideas, connect with each other and accommodate different work styles.

Designer: In Design Zbigniew Kostrzewa
Photography: Szymon Polański

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