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Optique Potts Point specialises in luxuriously crafted, imported eyewear. Conceptually, we devised a space which would be a glittering showcase for this bijoux operation. The practical challenge we faced with this store, set back from the street and raised upon a recessed podium, was to visually engage the passerby. We turned this challenge into an opportunity: enhancing the contrasting levels of light, we devised a brilliant ‘jewelery box’ at the foot of a dark, imposing building.

To make the interior highly visible we built an all-white space beneath a coloured mirror lantern, in order to create an inviting retail space as well as signal its new use to the passersby. The multi-coloured lantern makes use of high ceilings and uses four different colours of mirror as well as coloured glass, to create a complex array of reflected colours and lights. The effect is captivating and conceptually references what eyewear does; to tint, alter or enhance the image. It adds warmth and drama to the otherwise white space.

The lantern is illuminated with state of the art LED lighting and by day and night glows bright orange attracting attention from pedestrians on the street and cars driving by. These long and narrow (only 12mm wide) ribbon lights provide a base level of lighting to the space and are complemented by spot lights that focus on the display of frames. This creates the ideal lighting scenario, where the product is beautifully lit by sharp directional spot lights, creating strong shadows and highlights, while the customer is bathed in soft and complementary light.

The mirrored lantern cleverly conceals the light fittings and therefore the glare in the space. The white display panels, on which approximately 350 frames are mounted, are leather clad joinery doors that house additional stock and cases. This means that the sales area is also the stock room, creating a retail space where the limited footprint is incredibly practical and efficient, and the customer is not left unattended.

Designed by Smart Design Studio

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